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About Cardiff Canoe Club

History of the club

The club was founded almost 50 years ago. For many years we used the Wales Empire Pool in Cardiff before it was demolished to make way for the Millennium Stadium, we then moved to Cardiff International Pool.

It was common to see 30 – 35 paddlers on the majority of trips. Our club has always been involved in a variety of paddling disciplines such as: White Water, Sea, Touring, Surf, White Water Racing and Slalom. As a result we had a number of experienced paddlers who had detailed knowledge of local water conditions and friendships with other paddlers thoughout the region.


The club now

The club is still very family orientated and is still going strong today as currently it has over 140 paid up members* (90 + paddlers) making it one of the biggest in Wales. The club runs pool sessions each week from September until the end of March and then moves the weekly session outside between April until the end of August. We also organise trips most weekends. Many members also regularly paddle at CIWW (Cardiff International White Water centre). Pool sessions are very well attended by members of varied ages and abilities and instructional training is organised on a regular basis.

The club is now mainly involved with White Water, Touring, Open Canoeing, Canoe Camping, Surf and Sea Paddling.

What we do

We use Cardiff International Pool, Cardiff International White Water, Cosmeston Lakes Country park, local rivers and coastline.


  • In the winter months we meet at Cardiff International Pool on Tuesdays from 20:00 – 21:00.


  • We run a three week beginners course for people who are new to the sport and are thinking about joining Cardiff Canoe Club.This is an introduction to canoe/kayaking and teaches you basic safety skills, which allows beginners to attend the pool sessions. These sessions start on the first Tuesday of each month and need to be booked in advance. They cost £49, which covers entry to the pool, all equipment and coaching, as well as a 4th pool session to practice your newly acquired skills.


  • Possible new members are allowed to participate in up to 3 club sessions before deciding whether to join.


  • At the pool, members are able to practice as much as they want with plenty of help, training and advice from experienced coaches and members.


  • We encourage members to undertake the New Personal Performance Awards. They are designed for paddlers wanting to gain recognition of their learning and development, in the craft and environment they choose. There are three Paddle awards: Paddle Start, Paddle Discover, Paddle Explore.

  • Paddlers may also want to undertake the Discipline Specific Pathway Awards in White Water, Sea Kayak or Canoeing.


  • We also encourage members to undertake Safety & Rescue Training as this can enable paddlers to become better equipped to handle difficult situations.


  • We are often out on club organised river trips. We use the Wye, Usk, Taff, Rhondda, Ogmore to name a few.


  • We arrange social events such as a Christmas Paddle & Dinner, Canoe Camping weekends and B.B.Qs. This is so all members and their families can meet each other and socialise on and off the water.


  • We now have the great facility of CIWW which many members use frequently, throughout the year. In the summer our coaches are on hand during most Park and Play sessions to help less experienced paddlers develop their White Water skills.


  • CIWW also has access to Cardiff Bay and the River Ely, with the benefits of on site changing facilities. Access is available whenever the center is open, but there is a charge to use the launching facilities.


  • Each August we swap our pool sessions for club sessions at CIWW. This has proved to be very successful, with our younger and less experienced members gaining confidence on White Water as well as having lots of fun.

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